Monday, 19 March 2012

Beatrix Potter Sneak Peek - No 4

 Hi Everyone

Hope you had a fab weekend and a lovely mothers day.  I received two fab cards from my children below and they are bought cards but i want to share them with you as they both really cheered me up and i will tell you  why.

Firstly onto today's sneak peek and I've used one of the prepared card bases with a lovely Beatrix  Potter scene printed on, just ready for you to decorate how you wish.  This time i have taken an image from the Decoupage sheets and its Jeremy Fisher.    I have spray and shined him but its not showing up well on the photo.

Then I've added a sentiment from the cd and some leaves die cut in co-ordinations card.  I really do struggle with mens cards but think this would be perfect.

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Ok now my mothers day cards and i think i will keep these two as they are so personal to me.  Although both Mark and Emma never consulted each other on what type of card they were going to buy me.  mark normally buys me cards with kittens on but this one caught his eye for a specific reason and so did Emma's.  Ok marks Card first.

 The reason i love this one is because this is the image of little Gracie, i know its only a sketch but this could really be based on her as it is soooo much like her and mark said that was the reason he bought it.  How sweet is this!  Even Grace picked it up and said is that me?

Now this one is a little more comical, which if you know my Emma, she is.  However the reason i love this is because it looks like both myself and Emma when we were about 3.  I will have to find some real photos of us so i can compare and when i mentioned this to Emma yesterday she said, she knew and that's why she bought it too.  I asked Emma if they had gone shopping together and planned it but they didn't, what a coincidence.  Anyway i just felt the need to share this with you as it made my day, we were in  stitches.

hope you like my Beatrix Potter card.

Louise xx


  1. Love the BP card and your mother's day cards are lovely - bet you are a very proud mum having such thoughtful offspring xx

  2. Louise two lovely Mother's day cards,what a coincidence to have two with very much similar reasons.

    Your card is beautiful and I think it's perfect for a male card,I love the image, I can't wait only 1 more sleep!!

    Hugs Julie x

  3. Fabulous Mother's Day cards Louise! I am happy that you had a lovely Mother's day too.

    Your card as alwasy is superb.

    Linda xxx

  4. You made a great card and the ones you got from you kids are so cute! Hope you enjoyed your day!

  5. Fabulous cards Louise xx Jan

  6. Awww those cards are fab, both perfect for a wonderful mum I'm sure. Great DT card too. Zo xx

  7. Oh, Louise, they are so beautiful. xx

  8. Love the BP card. 2 very precious cards for you to treasure. Chris xx

  9. Beautiful cards Louise! Can hardly wait now for Beatrix Potter, so many cards to make just not enough hours to make them in!!!! Debbie x

  10. Gorgeous creation, love those leaves!
    Great Mothers Day cards, the one chosen by Mark is stunning!
    Hugs Shell xx