Wednesday, 31 August 2011

More cakes

Hi everyone

No cards today or for the last couple of days and still don't have a colour cartridge sorted for my printer, i may have to go and buy one before my replacement gets delivered.

Anyway i thought i would use this opportunity to post more of my cakes on my blog as i have had some lovely comments.

 This first one is a castle wedding cake and i am so annoyed at myself for not making sure i had a good photograph.  The light  was shining in through the window and the whole picture does not do the cake justice.  This was for a young girl who was only 18 or 19 and she wanted her fairytale wedding.  She had seen this cake in a wedding magazine and asked if i could do it so i gave it a try.  There are 2 tiers of cake and i made everything from scratch including the castle top from pastillage icing which dries hard so you can build shapes.  The only things that are not edible are the ribbon on the steps and the windows. The window's are made with some sort of crafty product that i can't remember the name of, you iron it together and it fuses in all sorts of shiny colours.  Leann and i were talking about what i could use and she suggested this and it worked perfectly.    The red roses and lilies are all made from flowerpaste and the castle top on the original magazine picture was bought and made from polystyrene.  However i made the template my self from a card board box and cut each individual piece of icing out and joined it together with royal icing.  I've added a close up below and then painted the turrets in edible colouring.  I've got to say empty crunchy nut cornflake boxes come in handy for all sorts of uses.  They came to pick the cake up themselves and it nearly wouldn't fit into their car it was so big. 
   My second cake is a christening cake and again i used my skills with an empty cereal box.
Again a friend had seen this design on a website and asked if i could adapt it for their little girls christening.  The booties are made of icing and each flower is cut out and stuck on indiviually.  Although the booties were tricky to make and very detailed  the rest of the cake is quite simple and i just loved the finsihed result.

hope you like them.

Louise xx...............


  1. Louise you are so clever. Cake icing is something I have never attempted - our Christmas cakes consist of "snowy" peaks and plastic figures!!!! I don't know how you have the patience - but the results are fabulous.

    Catherine x

  2. Wow Lou these cakes are amazing! You are so clever! I wish I could bake like this I'm rubbish at it though I better stick to the paper crafting!
    Hugs Lynsey x

  3. Gorgeous sweetie ♥ ♥ Pops x x x