Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Another decorating the tree


I must say i am really enjoying counting down to my Christmas hols and now only 2 more days,  wahoooooooo!!!!.

I'm a bit late posting tonight as i went to see my friend Audrey about her Christmas present that i have planned for her.  I mentioned her a few weeks ago when i made her a tea light card and it was really colourful.  Her husband was really ill and he passed away very peacefully 2 weeks ago and I'm so pleased i went to see him in hospital just before then. He was a lovely lovely man, was Alan Watt.  I really miss him and i can't believe he is not here.  Anyway he used to give me lots of friendly advice from time to time.  Such as do want you want to while you're still fit and one of the last bits of advice were the following words 'why worry Louise?  cos you die if you worry and you die if you don't'.  How true.  Well I'm taking Audrey his wife to London in February and we are going to really splash out.  I got a freebie from the Waldorf Astoria back in July and I'm using this to treat Audrey.  We will go to a fancy restaurant and then go and see a show as she has never been before.  I'll update you with some pics maybe when we have been and we are both like a couple of kids laughing and saying how excited we are.  I know this sounds strange but this is honestly what Alan would have wanted, for Audrey to enjoy herself as she looked after him through a tough 10 years of his illness.  I do feel really sad writing about it but i think it will help me to get it out of my head.     

Ok...... my card......
This is another LOTV card with matching box and Sarah picked them up from work today while i was in a meeting so i never saw if she liked them.  I'm sure she will and this is the last one and I'll see her in the new year to get some feedback.
Coloured with speccies and using some paper i bought from dainty toys Washington.

Hope you like it.

Louise xx


  1. Very beautiful card Louise.

    Linda xxx

  2. Beautiful card, Love the image and the glitter.
    Becky x