Saturday, 27 August 2011

Boxer Board

Hi Everyone

No new cards today as I've been out this morning with Grace my granddaughter and it was boring housework this afternoon.  I took Grace to see Sara at Northallerton today to watch her demo in store as Grace wanted to show Sara some of her spectrum noir colouring.  Sara really made grace feel proud of her work and Grace was chuft to bits.  Hope you managed to make it too if you live close by as she was fab.  She had already decorated a box with a crackle effect and then used Sheena's paint fusion using the Ivy stamp and she was demonstrating this technique.  It was really gorgeous she is a talented lady.  Then she moved swiftly on to my favourite piece of kit the ultimate pro and quickly wowed everyone with how quick and easy it is to make  shaped cards as well as the easier folds.   Anyway Grace's diary didn't allow us to stay more than an hour as she had a party to get to so a bought a few bits and bobs and left Sara with her admiring crowd.

So no cards but i thought I woudl share with you the boxes I have made for the cards i have been showing over the past week.  The board was so quick and easy to use for making a number of boxes one after the other and i think it is fab.   Especially when you have cards that are quite deep, like the pop out and shadow box card and also with chunky Flowers on.  I loved making and decorating these boxes.

Hope you like them..............

Louise xx


  1. ouh fab cards Louise - and it was wonderful to meet your granddaughter - she's such a little sweetheart! And I can't believe how good her colouring was! Especially for someone so young (for everyone else reading this, she was absolutely perfect, there was not one little bit not inside the lines, and she'd even done some shading on the cheeks! she's so talented!)

    Was lovely to see you both this morning - a lovely surprise at 10am to see a familiar smiling face! We had a fab day thank you!

    Talk soon! Sara xxx

  2. Louise, your boxes are as lovely as the cards! They really complement the cards beautifully - I love them! x

  3. Hey Lou, you're getting a bit of an expert with the old ultimate pro and boxer boards - hate to say it - but i told you so!

  4. Ha ha ha, i know i'm amazed and couldnt be without it i use it every day.