Friday, 21 September 2012

Craft Punked Blog Challenge - Hobbies

Hi Everyone

Well i thought i would have posted by now about my fab trip to Holland with Margaret but I really don't know where this week has gone to at all.  So I'm still in the middle of sorting it out and hopefully I might have it ready for Saturday morning.  Just in time for me to be off on my travels again to another trade show in Belgium............

Ok but before that it is time for a Craft Punked  blog challenge and this week it is hobbies.  So while i was in Holland i coloured one of Rayhers stamps, in between classes and then Margaret made it into a surprise card for me.  How fab is this?  She is the queen of cutting out as i really would not have the patience.  And i used to go ice skating when i was younger, not just on a Saturday afternoon every now and again but myself and my sister used to take classes every Saturday morning at Durham ice rink.  Sadly the ice rink is long gone but I used to love it.

Coloured with Spectrum Noirs and i think the paper/card is Bo bunny, its what Margaret was using for making boxes and cards in her demos and it was so gorgeous.

hope you like it and don't forget to pop along and take part.

Louise xx


  1. What a beautiful card, such a lovely layout.

  2. Such a cute card Louise! Love it!
    Debbie x

  3. This is so cute Louise. Just returned from my Holiday in Turkey so spending tonight catching up.
    I hope you had a fantastic time in Holland.

    Linda xxx

  4. Lou, this card is lovely, coloured to perfection by yourself and then made in to a beautiful card by Margaret! You do get around, I mean that in a good way, I promise, have a great trip and take care. xxx

  5. oooh love this card, love the image and the colours, the lay out is perfect, well done Louise and Margaret xxx

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