Sunday, 22 July 2012

Madonna 2012

Hi Everyone

No cards to share with you today but there is a fab new launch from CC being shown by the DT from tomorrow.  I can't wait to share mine they are such fab images. And there is a competition to join in...........  with a fab prize...............

So i promised a few photos from the Madonna concerts i went to last week and i have just about recovered.  I am really getting old and need a nap on an afternoon, Friday saturday and Sunday i have had a mid day nap to recharge my batteries.

Te first concerts was at London's; Hyde park and then to Birmingham on Thursday and i have to say the show was amazing.  I really cannot understand why the critics are so harsh on Madonna as she is doing what she wants to do.  I have read news articles and seen on the tv that the show was criticised for concentrating on her new album and not on her old hits.  However it is a tour linked to the launch of her new album as most artists do so what else would you expect.  Its not a greatest hits tour but she did sing a lot of her old favourites too.  Grace loved it and she can't wait to go again.

Anyway, here are a few of my photos and i am really disappointed at the quality and am considering purchasing a new camera for my next trip away.  All i get is fuzzy images when it used to work brilliantly.  How cool does Gracie look?

 And the view from our hotel window, the new Shard building. .
Had a fab trip away and a great week off work, looking forward to my next one which is back to London on the 3rd August for the Olympics................  I better get a few naps in now...........

Loujise xx


  1. Hi Louise the piccie's are fantastic I love Grace's hat and she looks like she had a fab time, it's something she will always remember.

    Hugs Julie x

    1. Thanks Julie it was fab, she will def remember and its all she has talked about over the weekend. xx

  2. Hi Louise!
    I'm so glad you had a good time- Grace looks like she's just stepped out of a posh catalogue- you should send it to Verbudet or French Connection & get her working!!!!

    1. Ha ha, she is gorgeous isn't she and is so tall, maybe she could be a model one day. Thanks lou we had a fab time and then back to reality with a bump. xx

  3. Fab card & pics Lou. Wow Madonna is so fit! I'm with u I need a nap lol.Pleased you had a great time xx Jan

  4. Hi Jan, thanks for your comment and i don't know how i will get through today with no nap and back at work for a full week. I love it though being so busy. Cheers xx