Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fairyopolis, Summer stamp set

Hi Everyone

Just got back from my demo in Livingstone, Hobbycraft and it was such a busy day.  the queues at the till were so long, don't know where everyone came from and the SEC was on in Glasgow as well.  Was demoing the ultimate pro and fairyopolis as well  as other fave CC products.  Everyone who already had the Ultimate only had great things to say about it and of course i could agree as i use mine everyday.
Anyway here is my second fairyopolis card coloured with speccies and using the pencils again.
Now i would never have put blue and purple/pinks together but because it was in the background paper i have chosen another blue paper to match.  I was talking to a lady today who said she had been card making for years.  She said the only thing she struggled with was matching colours together.  So i said what i did is just put them together and see how they go and if that doesn't work look at other peoples cards for their colour matches.
  She then went on to buy the fairy stamps to take home and try some of the colours i had used.  Lovely lady.  She had her coat buttoned up wrong but i didn't have the heart to tell her (i think i should have maybe).

Ok now going to get another cup of tea and browse the blogs for all your fab cards.

Hope you like it.

Louise xx


  1. Hi Louise, Beautiful card! Such a pretty fairy image and gorgeous colours.

    Glad your demo day went well today.

    Lisa x

  2. Hi Louise. Your card is very very beautiful. The colours are gorgeous as well. Donka xx

  3. Another lovely card Louise. It's funny because in general I don't like fairies, but I love the flower fairies.

    Catherine x